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design defines graphic design as "the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience." A graphic designer is responsible for arranging and using elements on different types of media (such as a poster, a package, a logo or a website).


To create a "brand" for a company is to create their image, and to promote that image with campaigns and visuals. This is where a graphic designer gets involved with many aspects of the industry, from logo design to advertising and slogans. The goal of a brand is to make a company unique and recognizable, and to project a desired image. Over time, a brand can make a company a household name, and identifiable by a simple shape or color.

Type of Work

When working in branding, we can expect to work in: Logo design • Business card design • Letterhead design • Packaging • Writing slogans • Advertising design • Typeface design • Research • Marketing

Examples of Branding

Examples of branding are all around us. The NBC peacock, the UPS brown truck and Nike's "just do it" are some of the most famous examples. They are so recognizable that we don't need to hear a company name to know what they are. Online brands such as MySpace, Facebook and YouTube are more recently developed but now just as recognizable. Logos on your favorite products, the packaging they come in, and the slogans that represent them are all examples of branding.


...we can improve on sales at the point of purchase and that means on the shelf

1. greater visual presence
2. quality of pack
3. and after sales ease of use

We pride ourselves on a total fast track approach... from creative concepts, art direction... right through to specialised food photography, repro and final print ready digital artwork.

We have a proven track record for success and are happy to put you in touch with our clients for comment.

Are You Reflecting the Right Company Image?

Branding is your identity in the marketplace, is yours saying what it should? Your company image is all about the appearance of your packaging. What is your company image saying to the marketplace? It's important to realize that packaging always either has a negative or positive influence on the purchaser. A negative impression can detour a potential customer, just as a positive reaction can influence a customer to buy. A time to pay special attention to your packaging is when you are in the launch of a "new" brand. If you've already built a strong brand that others recognize often people may not pay as close attention to the packaging.


Website design, while a relatively new industry, is now an essential part of a company's image, brand, and advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns. The side of web design that would be considered graphic design is the creation of the actual look and feel of a website. An understanding of the technology behind websites is essential to create designs that are both attractive and functional.

Any site is the face of your company turned to the world.  And our target is to make this "face" attract to itself as much as possible of potential clients.
You also can participate in this process; share your wishes and ideas. Presenting your materials, sketches and photos is only welcomed and accelerates the designing process. On the average on initial design of sketches leaves about 1 week. Term of designing development depends on a degree of complexity of the project and quantity of sketches.

Type of Work

Work for web designe can include:
• Designing websites to hand off to developers • Designing web banner ads • Creating animated flash websites • Understanding web technologies • Understanding browser and operating system differences • Working closely with web programmers.